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It's time for family and fun - at SeaWorld Orlando's Christmas Market

About 4 year(s) ago by WorldQuest Orlando Resort
The holidays are special for many reasons, but it's often the one time of the year the entire family can come together to rejoice. Whether you've got little ones eager to meet Santa or the entire extended family out for a Florida vacation, the holiday season at SeaWorld Orlando will truly be a special celebration.
There's something so unique about spending a bit of your holidays with SeaWorld Orlando. The entire park mesmerizes each guest with its festive decorations that spread joy and cheer. No visit to SeaWorld Orlando during the holiday season would be complete without a trip to The Christmas Market - it might not be the North Pole, but don't be surprised if Santa Claus (and maybe even the Mrs.!) stop by during your stroll.
Featuring some signature Christmas characteristics that make The Christmas Market one of the most popular places to visit while spending December at SeaWorld Orlando, enjoy just a little more family time while visiting the shops. Chat it up with local vendors and get a little taste of local Orlando flavor with unique knick-knacks and fabulous artistic finds that'll remind you everyday of your trip.
Just past the park's ice dancers found on the ice rink, it's always a great place to grab last-minute gifts or special treats to enjoy once the holidays are over. Share the moment shopping for culinary delights and unique artisan specialties with the families - these memories will be cherished for a lifetime.
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