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SeaWorld at Orlando, Florida Resort

Entertainment & Education at Seaworld Orlando

From amazing live shows and entertainment to animal interaction experiences and special events, park goers will discover an endless array of marine attractions at one of Florida's most popular destinations. Explore the world of make believe at Elmo and Abby's Treasure Hunt or experience Believe, a spectacular Shamu show celebrating the inspiration and wonder of the orca killer whale. Visitors will also enjoy tasty dining options, arcade games and special tours that take you behind the scenes. Visit Seaworld's waterpark Aquatica and experience thrill rides, lazy rivers, wave pools, and Aquatica's popular attraction, Ihu's Breakaway Falls.



  • SeaWorld is open from 9am-8pm. Aquatica Orlando is open from 11am -5pm on weekdays and 10am-5pm on weekends.


  • Prices range depending on number of days, annual passes are also available


  • Ocean animal shows, exhibits, dining, shopping, and live entertainment


  • Underwater animal exhibits
  • Exciting thrill rides
  • Shopping for souvenirs & dining
  • Educational programs on marine life
  • Breathtaking dolphin and killer whale shows
  • Family-Friendly Waterpark
Seaworld Orlando

Policies for visitors

Sit in the front seat of Journey to Atlantis ride for the wettest rise of your life, and check online to see the height restrictions for attractions. Make reservations in advance at Shark's Underwater Grill to beat the crowds for something to eat. Smoking is allowed only in specific designated areas, and glass and sharp objects are not allowed in the park.

Animal connections program

These exhibits offer visitors the chance to get an up close look at some of the most exotic ocean animals on the face of the earth. Ambassadors are always showcasing new animals, so you never know what you'll see!


  • What are the best rides and shows?

    Don't miss the exciting roller coasters and make sure to sit in the Soak Zone for the world-famous Shamu show. All of the family shows will take your breath away, but if you love dolphins, then get there early for a good seat to see them perform unbelievable tricks. For Aquatica, guests love to ride Ihu's Breakaway falls, Dolphin Plunge, Omaka Rocka, and Tassie's Twisters.
  • What should I bring to the park?

    Remember to bring a waterproof disposable camera to capture all of your memories and prepare for hot temperatures with appropriate clothing. For Aquatica, appropriate swimwear is required, cotton shorts or shirts, cover ups, or loose fitting articles are not permitted on body slides.


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